Rainer M. Domingo

My Fantasy Novel

Three Quest Deal - Tales of Former Dragons, Book 1

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Three Quest Deal: Tales of Former Dragons, Book 1

If you knew you’d be dead by this time next year, would you entertain an offer from an aging wizard to cheat death and live out the rest of your life as a different species? That’s the question four dragons – Drakor, Xan, Aesus, and Toshen, have to answer when Baldazar the wizard offers to transform them into humans in exchange for completing three mystery quests.

But there’s a catch.  The quests must be completed within three full moons or all of them will die.

Will the four dragons accept Baldazar’s offer? And if they do, how will they find their way in the world as first-time humans?

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The following error was corrected on July 13, 2015. Thanks Calvin!

  • Ch 23: There was a look in Aesus’s eyes that made the hairs on the back of Marcus’s Harko’s neck stand up.

The following errors were corrected on July 1, 2015. Thanks Peter!

  • Ch 4: Rutar was so jealous after Usara choose Jarusen over him.
  • Ch 5: I just don’t know [how] to do that.
  • Ch 27: One of the shadows in front of Toshen shimmered and turned into a sol[i]d form about his height.
  • Ch 27: Drakor spun around with sword held high and struck the elf in the neck, partially decapitateding him.


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