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Amazon Giveaway Lessons Learned and Tips for Authors – Part 2

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My Amazon giveaway ended on Tuesday at midnight and while I didn’t give away as many books as I intended, I did learn some lessons for the next giveaway.

A total of 517 people entered to win – a lot less than I had hoped would enter. The winning interval was set to 400, so I only gave away one book. I tweeted for three days and then stopped, because I didn’t believe that I could convince another 400 people to enter. Why? Because I relied primarily on tweets and people who followed the #amazongiveway hash tag.  What I should have done, if I had known better, was to leverage someone else’s online community.

Tip #5: Make sure you have a surefire way to get the word out about your giveaway. Your best bet is if you already have a community of followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or your blog – or you can leverage someone else’s social media following, either through your established relationships with online social butterflies or by paying someone. Keep in mind that only a certain percentage of someone else’s followers may be into your genre.

Tip #6: If you’re a new author and don’t have a huge social media following, and don’t plan on leveraging someone else’s following, calculate your giveaway interval by dividing 400 to 500 by the number of books you want to give away. If I would have done this, the giveaway interval would have been set to 80 or 100, I would have gotten decent exposure over the week of my giveaway (versus it ending prematurely) and given away all five copies.

Tip #7: If you just want to giveaway lots of copies of your book, set your giveaway interval between 15-20. Keep in mind that Amazon will charge you full price for your book plus tax and shipping. It could get expensive, but more readers will have your book in their hands.

Amazon credited my credit card account for the books that were not given away the day after my giveaway ended. My total out of pocket expenses for this giveaway was $15.72.

While I didn’t meet my goals with this giveaway, a lot of people were exposed to my book and 517 of those people were actually interested in winning it. That’s a good thing.


Author: Rainer M. Domingo

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