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Fiction Craft: Five great reads to better understand point of view

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After reading these four articles and one chapter excerpt, you’ll be an expert!

  1. Understand the Effects of Your Point of View, by James Scott Bell – http://www.right-writing.com/understand.html
  2. My Ultimate POV, by Vironica Sicoe – http://www.veronicasicoe.com/blog/2013/03/my-ultimate-pov-guide-with-graphics-and-examples/
  3. Two Heads Aren’t Always Better Than One, by by Robert J. Sawyer – http://www.sfwriter.com/ow07.htm
  4. The Third Person Points Of View, Which One To Use, and Why? by By Mary Rosenblum – http://www.longridgewritersgroup.com/rx/wc05/third_person_point_of_view.shtml
  5. Mastery 32: Point of View, by Jeff Gerke – You have to scroll up to start read this chapter excerpt from his book.

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