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Self-Publishing a book? You need a consult with Joel Friedlander

If you don’t know who Joel Friedlander – aka The Book Designer is, stop what you’re doing right now and go to his website. If you do know who he is, did you know you can hire him, even if just for a 30-minute phone/Skype consult?

I’m engaging Joel to get some feedback and suggestions on my cover’s font type, font color, and text placement, as well as the promotional copy that’s going up on Amazon and the back cover.

While I’m “pretty good” at these things, he’s the expert. $175 for a 30-minute consult is a bargain. To take my ideas to the next level, and make it look like a professional designed and wrote it, priceless.

If you’re not convinced, head on over to the Monthly e-Book Cover Design Awards page, scroll down to 2014 and take a look at the feedback he’s provided for other covers.


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Fantasy Map Making Tutorial

Watched a five part tutorial on fantasy map making using Photoshop today. I’m still deciding between PS and Campaign Cartographer 3 by ProFantasy Software. The challenge for me is ensuring distances between locations are correct, as the days it takes to travel is important within the story.